Welcome to the Office of the Provost for Academic Affairs at Bluefield State University. The University has a remarkable academic mission.

Bluefield State University is a special place that has played a significant role in the development of public higher education in West Virginia. It is an institution that cares deeply about the most important strength of the University: its people. We deliberately put in place people, policies and practices that undergird our core values: excellence, diversity, growth and community. We empower students by creating spaces where they can have robust educational experiences on a daily basis. We support faculty teaching, scholarly activity and service to the community. And, we hold dear the enlightened trial and error that enables us to perfect our educational and cultural practices and empower students and faculty to achieve their academic and professional goals.

The Office of Academic Affairs supervises the School Deans, works with faculty members to shape the intellectual life of the campus and ensures academic excellence remains the central expression of all we do. And, here is how we do it. We do it by hiring and retaining a highly qualified and dedicated faculty, routinely creating opportunities for students to think deeply and act purposefully and respecting the contributions of all members of our community who make it possible to offer students exceptional but affordable academic programs and support services.

We hope the intellectual odyssey of our students will be one of their most memorable experiences. The entire staff in the Office of Academic Affairs derives enormous satisfaction from helping students and faculty members hurdle the thicket of challenges rooted in teaching and learning. We encourage you to get to know us and invite you to call, email or, best of all, visit the office.